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HDP Group

HDP was established in 2011. The holding company is a tool for rationalization, clarification et development.


Because this tool allows to gather or separate the various trade of the different companies by geography and by business entity. This tool had also become necessary in order to consolidate real estate, related to our logistics activities.


What is more complicated to our differents partners than find themwelves in a group where everything is mixed... This simplification allows direct reading about our activities and skills. This clarification will also enable more effective communication.


Without this tool that serves as a foundation for our future development, we had reached our limits. We are now, able to evolve rationally on each of our businesses. The holding company will be the heart and should help us find the synergies to optimize the efficiency of each company.

HDP Group would be nothing without women and men who make up the group. This is the foundation of success focusing on their skills, their involvement, their differences and their motivation for the outcome of our projects.

In 2017, the companies of the HDP Group realize 30 millions turnover with a global staff of 180 collaborators.

Below, companies in which HDP Group has interests.


ATL Overseas

Maritime and air transport, storage, chartering in complete batch and groupage...

Destock Bois

Wood trade and processing (wooden pallets, wooden boxes, panels, inserts and packaging) for industry...


Dry and refrigerated warehouse, transport et international chartering...

Destock Logistique

Public transport of goods, exceptional transport and charters - Storage, handling, packaging, kitting, unbundling - Industrial subcontracting et external logistics - Custom declarant...

Destock Logistics Belgium

Transport, Chartering, Logistic, Storage, Customs declarant...

SN Palettes 34

Trading of new and second hand pallets, manufacture and repair of pallets, wooden boxes and inserts wood trade...

Sosea Belgium

International transit import / export representative CTN network...

Sosea Robertson International

International logistics, importing and cotton control in Asia...

Téteghem Matériaux

Building materials, interior and exterior joinery, tiles, health, landscaping...

Transmeer Logistics

Container transport specialist handling and storage in Antwerp...

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